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小学 students at SCS attend 阀杆 class (Science, 技术, 工程, Mathematics) each week in our 小学 阀杆 lab. Using curriculum from Amplify Science, students learn about real life problems in the world and how they can be addressed using teamwork and a variety of skill sets. Students are highly engaged in experiments and projects to develop their God-given skills to be good stewards of God’s world.

In addition to 阀杆 class, elementary students are invited to participate in Makerspace, a less formal opportunity to practice 阀杆-related concepts in small groups based on student interests.

二次 students at SCS have the opportunity to attend 阀杆 classes (Science, 技术, 工程, Mathematics) throughout their high school career. Students learn to investigate real-world issues and create solutions through communication, 协作, creativity and critical thinking. Interdisciplinary learning is encouraged as students take many different science and math courses as well as the potential to take upper level courses such as Anatomy and Physiology, 物理, College Algebra, Calculus and Statistics. Students work in a flexible learning environment where experiments and projects are used to demonstrate their kindness and love towards others. In secondary 阀杆, there are currently four courses offered which include Coding, Computer Hardware, Introduction to 阀杆 and 阀杆 Elective. In these courses, students focus on using different academic skills gained throughout academic career.

For those currently in the 阀杆 industry or with 阀杆 experience and have potential interest in being involved in the SCS 阀杆 committee, please contact Steven Winant for more information.

Some of the key objectives of the 阀杆 classes are for our students to:

  • Ask questions and define problems
  • Develop and use models
  • Plan and carry out investigations
  • Analyze and interpret data
  • Connect what they are already learning in Science and Math with real world problems
  • Work cooperatively with other students to solve problems
  • Develop communication skills and encourage students to share their ideas in several ways (Speaking, 写作, 画, 建筑) 
  • Take ownership for their learning
If you would like to read more about the standards we are using to build the curriculum and how those standards were developed, you can learn more at and

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二次 students at SCS have the opportunity to attend 阀杆 classes (Science, 技术, 工程, Mathematics) throughout their high school career. Click photo to read more.



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什么 人说……

  • ​" The service-learning program at SCS goes hand and hand with Christian education. Students learn about loving Jesus and helping those in need. 然后, they practice what they learn by going out and being the "hands and feet" of Jesus to their communities. "
    Dr. Anna Ramos, SCS parent

  • " Knowing that our children are going to school and learning about Christ and hearing biblical truth that is not altered has confirmed to us over and over that SCS is the best choice we could make for our kids' education. "
    道格 & Kelly Jansson, SCS parents

  • " If you aim for heaven, you might get earth thrown in, besides. Aim for heavenly values by sending your kids to Smithtown Christian School, even if it means sacrifice. "
    Daniel Buttafuoco, SCS Grandparent

  • "SCS has been an incredible blessing to our family. Knowing our children are in a Christ-centered environment where they are loved, nurtured and prayed for by their teachers and other members of their school family is so important to us. "

    Rachel Cardwell, SCS 父

  • "It's impossible to enter this school without coming into the presence of God. It's the only thing that can change lives and because of the faithful teachers, staff and culture of SCS, it changed mine."
    Pastor Jeffrey Eichenlaub, SCS Alum